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Openwell pumps are ideally suitable for where there are wide fluctuations in water level. This works under water and it rests at bottom of the well. Hence, suction and priming problems do not arise. Pump volute chamber is designed to give the best possible hydraulic efficiency. Dynamically balanced impellers offers vibration free operation with long life.

Open well Submersible pumps are found in many applications, and are used for Domestic and communal water supply, Drinking water supply, Irrigation purpose, Agricultural use, Construction site, Cooling water circulating system, Water distribution to high rise buildings and Industries.

Technical Data
Rating3.0HP-10.0HP (2.2kW - 7.5kW)
Head Range12 - 48 mts
Discharge110 - 1890 lpm
Phase3 Φ
Voltage380 - 440
Duty TypeS1 (Continuous)
Speed2880 rpm
Cable3 Core Flat
ConnectionDol / Star - Delta
Temperature< 35°C
pH6.5 - 8.5
Specific Gravity1.004 Max
Pumping MediumClean Water free from solids & fibre free, chemically and mechanically non aggressive

Construction Features
Motor bodyCast iron, Mild Steel
Pump Casing/ ShellFG200/td>
ShaftSS410 / SS420
Thrust BearingSS/ Carbon graphite
Middle BearingBronze / Carbon graphite
Mounting StandardNEMA
Cooling MediumWater


  • Designed for wide voltage fluctuations
  • Rewindable motor portion
  • Easy maintenance
  • High operating efficiency
  • Dynamically Balanced Rotors & Impellers ensure long life
  • Water lubricated bearings
  • Smooth and Noiseless operations
  • Low friction carbon thrust bearing
  • Carbon thrust bearing for low voltage and quick start


Dimensional Drawing

Dimensional Details

1OWS 30555533022013519585190180
2OWS 31555533022013519585190180
3OWS 31H55533022013519585190180
4OWS 50557034022013520585190180
5OWS 51557034022013520585190180
6OWS 51H57034022013520585190180
7OWS 5457034022013520585190180
8OWS 7464034022013520585190180
9OWS 70564034022013520585190180
10OWS 71569034022013520585190180
11OWS 10069022022013521585190180
12OWS 10169022022013521585190180


1PWS 30545519233013219882265160
2PWS 31545519233013219882265160
3PWS 31H45519233013219882265160
4PWS 50547019234013220882265160
5PWS 51549519234013220882265160
6PWS 51H49519234013220882265160


1POHM 3544032019213218882270150
2POHM 3745532019213220882270150
3POHM 5549032019213218882310150
4POHM 5750034019213220882310150
5POHM 7556032019213220882310150
6POHM 7757532019213220882270150
7POHM 35H43533019213219882310150
8POHM 55H49532019213220882310160


*All dimensions are in mm


Performance Curve

Performance Table

1OWS 3052.23.075 X 65D I S C H A R G E M3/hr212019181716.315.615
2OWS 3152.23.065 X 5025.52422201816
3OWS 5053.75.075 X 6527.226.5262524.523.52322.521.519.8
4OWS 5153.75.065 X 5031302927.82623.521.520
5OWS 7055.57.575 X 6536.53635.53534.233.332.832302822
6OWS 7155.57.565 X 5042.5424139.53835.734.53329.526

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