Waste Management

Auto Coupling System

An auto coupling set is also known as a guide rail set/system.  This is a slide rail assembly that enables a pump to be easily lifted or lowered within a sump or chamber, for cleaning or maintenance duties without the need to disconnect fittings, fixings or pipe work.  A standard kit consists of a base (“duckfoot” or “pedestal”), pump adaptor/guide hook and upper rail positioning bracket.  It sets include lifting chains and shackles.  Depending on what model is selected, the pump is guided up and down by one or two rails, not included, which direct the pump to its proper seating location (with a positive seal) or enable simple removal from the system/sump.

Guide rail system come with the following attachment,

  • Fixing stand
  • Locking arrangement
  • Bend pipe

Dimensional Drawings

S.noModelPaper sizeABCDEFGH
1PAC 50A29710210414018417110022
2PAC 65A2.5295200165200290250165115
3PAC 80A3356250203270390400200115
4PAC 100A4350250203270390400200115
5PAC 150A6395279254309390450250115
6PAC 200A8425279254309381450257115
7PAC 250A10476502254309628476254115
8PAC 300A12552502502620651800500115

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