High Pressure Application

Horizontal multistage ->PH Series -> PH4

Horizontal Multistage pump can be used for water circulation and mini RO Systems.The maximum operating pressure of these pumps is up to 6Kg/cm ² and the flow range is from 1m ³ to 4m ³. All wetted and rotating components are manufactured in Stainless Steel. A wide range of Seals are available for different applications. These pumps are foot mounted and are meant for

  • Pressure Boosting Systems
  • Pressure Jet Cleaning
  • Water Distribution
  • Refrigerant Recycling
  • Very Light and Non Aggressive Chemicals Transfer

Dimensional Drawing 


Performance Curve

Performance Table

S.NoModelMotor Power HP/ kWQ(m3/h)
1PH4 - 200.75 / 0.6Head (m)2221191614117
2PH4 - 301 / 0.731302826211814
3PH4 - 401.5 / 1.1413736332924.519
4PH4- 502 / 1.549484440363024
5PH4 - 602 .5/ 2.05856524843.536.529

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