Waste Management

The activated sludge process has gained widespread acceptance in biological wastewater treatment. Role of aeration is to provide oxygen to micro-organisms. Oxygen is highly needed in wastewater treatment plant, for the variety of requirements. Jet aeration is one of the methods to provide oxygen for biological degradation of organic materials and oxidation of dissolved minerals and very important requirement is keeping the solids in suspension. The jet aerator system is based on the venturi - nozzle principle, introducing atmospheric air in water. Jet aerators are suitable for small to medium size sewage plant and depths up to 6 meters.

  • Extremely simple installation, even in a flooded tank
  • Ideal for mixing combined with aeration of wastewater containing sewage,
  • organic industrial effluent, slurry etc
  • No need for compressed air supply as it is self-aspirating
  • Can supply oxygen for aeration in breakdown or overload circumstances
  • Low noise level compared to surface systems
  • No aerosol effects
  • Can be used where water levels vary
  • Special structures such as bridges, not needed
  • Equalization tank
  • Sequential batch reactor treatment plant
  • Ponds aeration
  • Aerobic digester
  • Homogenization tanks
  • Ideal for cleaning of storm tanks
  • Used in balance tanks to mix effluent while the
  • addition of oxygen helps prevent septicity

Performance table

SI.NOModelPump ModelHP / kWVoltage (V)PhasePipe Size (mm)Speed (rpm)Max. Submergence Depth (m)Solid Size (mm)
150 PAJ-2-1.050 PD-14-7-1.01.0/0.75415/2203P/1P50288025
250 PAJ-3-2.050 PD-16-12-2.02.0/1.5415/2203P/1P50288035
350 PAJ-5-3.050 PDS-24-15-3.03.0/2.24153P50288055
480 PAJ-2-3.080 PDS-40-8-3.03.0/2.24153P80144038
580 PAJ-4-5.080 PDS-40-10-5.05.0/3.74153P80144048
680 PAJ-5-5.080 PDS-60-13-5.05.0/3.74153P80144058
7100 PAJ-5-7.5100 PDS-65-15-7.57.5/5.54153P1001440510
8100 PAJ-6-10100 PDS-100-14-1010.0/7.54153P1001440610
9150 PAJ-6-15150 PDS-170-14-1515.0/11.04153P1501440512
10150 PAJ-6-20150 PDS-200-13-20.020.0/14.54153P1501440615

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