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PMT series are designed for installation on the side of tank or basin. This unit can be mounted vertically or horizontally. Inside the macerator, the impeller with replaceable cutting edges, rotates inside the stationary cutting ring, Which macerate the particles to smaller size. Macerator of this design have a delivery head of 3m and can thus return the chopped solids to the main flow under their own power. This series is available in without motor configuration

Flange positionsSuction Flange: Axial or vertical downwardsDelivery Flange : Normally radiel upwards. Adjustable by 45 each as per holeFlange DesignConnection dimensions as per DIN Standard

Cross Sectional View

S.No.Macerator typeInlet dia (mm)Outlet dia (mm)Cutting ring dia(mm)Max. throughput at 3% dry. substance (m 3/h)Speed (rpm)Drive capacity(kW/HP)Drive capacity(m)Weight (kg) Approx
1PMT-R 0112540120115000.55 / 0.75360
2PMT-R 0212540120215000.75 / 1.067
3PMT-R 0512550155515001.1 / 1.575
4PMT-R 0812550155815001.5 / 2.080
5PMT-R 09125651801015002.2 / 3.088
6PMT-R 10150652001015004.0 / 5.5140
7PMT-R 20150652002015005.5 / 7.5150
8PMT-R 40200803004010007.5 / 10.0210
9PMT-R 802008030080100011.0/ 15.0220
Permissible Internal Pressure : 10 bar Permissible Negative Pressure : 0.5 bar Permissible Medium Temperature : 80°CThe stated performance data are to be understood only as an outline of performance of our products.

Macerator typeUnit DimensionsExternal sealing
PMT-R 01180304-250140M12
PMT-R 02180304-250140M12
PMT-R 05180304-250140M12
PMT-R 08180304-250140M12
PMT-R 09180304-250140M12
PMT-R 10210362380260220M16
PMT-R 20210362380260220M16
PMT-R 40280417480260280M16
PMT-R 80280417480260280M16
Macerator typeconnection dimensions according to DIN 2501, PN 10
PN1D1Pf1k1g1No.of holesPN2D2PF2K2G2No.of holes
PMT-R 01125240202001884013016100144
PMT-R 02125240202001884013016100144
PMT-R 05125240202001885014016110144
PMT-R 08125240202001885014016110144
PMT-R 09125240202001886516016130144
PMT-R 10150282262402286518520145184
PMT-R 20150282262402286518520145184
PMT-R 40200343292952288019622160188
PMT-R 80200343292952288019622160188
* All Dimensions are in mm* Dimensions shown are for guidance and planning purpose only

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